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Nepali books and author recommendation

Happy international mother language day everyone. So my mother language is Nepali. While I am not a linguist some facts that I know about the Nepali language is as follows: Nepali owes its origin to the language Khas Kura which... Continue Reading →

Have we been reading self help books the wrong way?

Whenever I interact with my fellow book lovers and friends about non fiction books the thread of self help book and its effectiveness is discussed on. Baring a few who swear by them a majority of us including me, tend... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Educated by Tara Westover

  Genre: Nonfiction (Memoir) Publisher: Penguin Random House Format: E book About the book: The book is a memoir of Tara Westover who grew up in an orthodox Mormon family on Buck Peak, Idaho. Tara Westover has a Ph. D.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Job be Damned

Author: Rishi Piparaiya Pages: 252 Format: Paperback Publisher: Harper Collins Genre: Non-Fiction (Business and Mangement) About the book: Positioned as a career guide the books deals with the premise of how we all are mediocre employees and how we can... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Who Owns that Song?

The past is past (Sendrathini meelaathu moodare by Subramania Bharati translated by M.L.Thangappa) The past is past, you fools! It never comes back. Why cling to its vestiges. And pine for the dead memories Living in endless hankerings And fretting... Continue Reading →

Author spotlight: Robert Seethaler

"How many farewells can a person bear, he thought. Perhaps more than we think. Perhaps not even one. Nothing but farewells wherever we stay, wherever we go; we ought to be told this."- Robert Seethaler (The Tobacconist)  I discovered Robert... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Where India Goes: Abandoned Toilets, Stunted Development and the Costs of Caste

It's easy to pass judgments, say things are wrong. Undoing those wrongs requires contemplation and a search for the cause that is manifesting this wrong.    Author: Diane Coffey, Dean Spears Pages: 271 Format: Paperback Publisher: Harper Collins Genre: Non-Fiction About the... Continue Reading →

How to Read More Classics?

"A classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say"- Italo Calvino "A classic is a book that survives the circumstances that made it possible yet alone keeps those circumstances alive"- Alfred Kazin Mark Twain once... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Tutor of History

"And then he entered middle age and lost his job, and suffered, somehow a cataclysm of mind"- Manjushree Thapa, The tutor of history "People weren't all meat and blood. At the core everyone was a spirit, untouched by gross violations-Manjushree... Continue Reading →

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