“I am a book, not a figment of the author’s imagination, but a living breathing soul. It is my soul’s deepest desire to reach the ever elusive reader who reads because he loves to. It is an experience he cannot trade for anything else; because it is profound and inexplicable”- The lively library & an Unlikely Romance

No of pages: 90

Publisher: Readomania

Format: Paperback

Language: English

I recently read this book The Lively Library & an Unlikely Romance by Niranjan Navalgund. I came across this book in Instagram and what captivated my attention was it was a book about a library where books come to life. Now how cool is that, for a book lover like me well this was the reason enough to pick up this one.


About the book:

The book features Nayan a reluctant librarian who inherits a library from his father. Nayan reopens the library in order to fulfill his father’s wishes. Though initially he finds it mundane we see that slowly he starts enjoying his work in the library. Though there are human characters in this story like Nayan and the readers who visit the library the main characters are the books.

The books come to life when the library closes and cease to action when the library opens in the morning. This lively book world is divided into many communities with different books having responsibilities and some special privileges based on certain criteria’s. These book together maintain the law and order in this world. Though I do not wish to give any spoilers to just give you an example of this world there is a Council of Journals a very important body in this library whose one function is to determine the reader’s threshold level and the other is to predict when the book will be returned based on the reader’s reading speed. Every book has three important pillars which support them. These pillars play a pivotal role in the entire story.

There is love, romance, heartbreak in this book facilitated by a dating season. The twist in the story comes when the book world starts receiving threats in the form of codes which they cannot decipher. So they invoke their own book gods and Helmine who is their resolute protector comes to help. These threats but seem to increase every day and the codes become more complex. In the mean time we meet two books who fall in love with each other in the dating season but an intriguing problem results in their separation.

Will the books decode these threats, who is it from and how will they combat against these enemies, will our love birds reunite? The entire story revolves around this theme.


The writing in this book is very crisp and simple. This works for the book because this is a book which makes for an easy and pleasant read. Where the author triumphs are certain parts in the book which are in the form of proses. These were the parts that I re read again because it was just so magical.

 My verdict:

I feel that this book will appeal to every bibliophile out there because it instantly connects with your love of books. All and all I really enjoyed this one and there was a wide smile on my face throughout while reading this one. The magical world that the author has created really did appeal to me and was interesting but the buildup of suspense is not very strong. A part which I did not like was referring to the back of book constantly to understand certain terms.

I recommend this book to all book lovers and this will make for a great read if you want a good book for a long flight. While there are some books which make you cry, some make you think this book leaves you happy.

P.S: I started petting my books and cleaning my book shelf after reading this.

4/5 stars

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2egqVHa

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2etb2Lb