“The failures in your life can never weigh heavier than the burden of your regrets. I have been there. I know how it feels like to have lost out on something you once thought you were born to do”- My father is a Hero

No of pages: 199

Author: Nishant Kaushik

Publisher: Srishti

Format: Paperback

Language: English

I received this book from Writers Melon for a review. What interested me to enter in this review program was the theme of this book. This story is about the tryst of single father with his 10 years old daughter. Now while I have read stories of single mother this was novelty to me. So this is how I landed with the copy of this book.

About the book:

The main protagonist of the story is Vaibhav Kulkarni a single father of a 10-year-old daughter, Nisha. He is a simple person of a humble background who has moved from a small town of Akola to Pune. Vaibhav is quite an underdog, he works as a system administrator in an IT firm where he does most of the work yet never receives due recognition. He complains about it but most of it is to himself and to his lone childhood friend Bhandari. Vaibhav is a hurt man whose childhood passion remained unkindled among burdens of responsibility. He has mostly seen only bad phases in his life and never received any encouragement. This makes him a person who has accepted life as it comes and who never fights back. His world revolves around his daughter, Nisha whom he sees as a star and wishes her to reach the pinnacle of success.

Nisha on the other hand is completely different than Vaibhav. She is a star of the school and is good in academics and is a good singer. She is the loved and adored by all including teachers and classmates. She is this confident child who idolizes the singer Rihanna. So at the beginning of the story we see a happy household where the duo of father and daughter have a very lovely bond. Things go smooth and there is a lot of unsaid understanding between father and daughter. Though at times Vaibhav goes through myriad of troubles at office or personally he ensures that this does not affect Nisha. Likewise, Nisha understands her father and makes adjustments on her end.

Things take a turn post Nisha’s eleventh birthday. She suddenly loses her interest in academics, becomes aggressive and stops being the happy person she was. She is now this listless child whom people are unable to understand. Though her friend and teachers all are concerned by this it is obviously Vaibhav who is affected the most. This is when the story picks up and becomes interesting. This point actually marks a journey in the life of Vaibhav where we see a new facet of Vaibhav who can go to all means to rekindle the happiness in his daughter’s life. As the title suggest it is the story about how all of us have a hero within us or how at times we search for role models when our true hero maybe at our side all the while. This is a story of unadulterated love between parent and a child.



The writing is very simple which suits the simplicity of the story. The author stands out where he is able to create those moments which are simple yet heartwarming and which all can relate to. Some parts of the book I felt that it could have been said better. The characters have been developed well but I felt there was scope for more.

My verdict:

This book makes for an easy breezy read. It is a light read which is still emotionally loaded. The initial part of the book is not that great but it really picks up midway. I have a hate and love relationship with the books ending as one part of me said that more could be said but my other part liked the abrupt end.  I truly believe that most books teach you something and this one really helped me appreciate my father more. Generally, while a mother shows her emotion a father is quite toned down in his display of love. This book helped me delve in that mystery of fatherhood.

3.5/5 stars

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