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December 2016

Book Review: Inconvenient Relations

"A great marriage is not when the perfect couple come together. It is when an imperfect couple learn to enjoy their their differences"-Anonymous  I received this book as a part of the book tour for Now and Forever for an honest... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Raven Song (Inoki’s Game Book 1)

"The starry sky was almost hidden by the glowing blue haze of the Barrier, a shield cast over what was left of the city: proud New York, ruined, rebuilt, defiant"- Raven Song (I.A Ashcroft) I received a review copy from... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Jatin Kuberkar

"Every interaction is an opportunity to learn" Recently I got an opportunity to be a part of the book tour for "Cabbing All the way" a new novel by Jatin Kuberkar. In this regard, I was lucky to get an... Continue Reading →

Book Review: A Murder in Gurgaon

  "Nobody's ever been arrested for a murder;they have only been arrested for not planning it properly"- Terry Hayes   I received a review copy from the author for an honest opinion on his debut novel A Murder in Gurgaon.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: After the Quake

"A fire can be any shape it wants to be. It's free.So it can look like anything at all depending on what's inside the person looking at it"- Landscape with Flatrion (After the quake) Haruki Murakami    I must admit that... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Shadows of Northlands

"Every waking hour, my mind widens until it can expand no more as I strive to understand the pain and the suffering of my beleaguered ancestors."- Shadows of Northlands (Vishwesh Desai)   Well, I have to admit that I am... Continue Reading →

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