“You often hear people saying they are sorry, but it is when you are able to see the pain in their eyes and hear the ache in their voice that you recognize that in hurting you they have hurt themselves more”- Someone to love (Ruchita Misra)

Author:  Ruchita Misra

No of pages: 237

Publisher: Harlequin An imprint of Harper Collins Publishers

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Genre: Fiction (Romance)

About the book:

Two childhood best friends whose friendship grows by leaps and bounds as they enter into their teenage years. Both of them share an understanding which does not need any words to be spoken between them. When one is in pain or trouble the other even though miles apart can gauge that something is amiss. Best friends well Atharv and Koyal were more than that. Both of them were soulmates, they were meant to be together but none of them could gauge it yet. It was a serious case of misunderstood emotions.

As the age of adolescent kicked him this misunderstood emotions entered into a rigmarole leaving the lives of both Atharv and Koyal in a quandary. While one though scarred was still able to redeem his life the other went on a self destruction spree. Best friends suddenly were arch enemies but were they really? As fate crosses path again with some new developments how will the story of Koyal and Atharv unfold?


The writing is very simple and crisp and the book makes for an easy read. Where the author triumphs is in describing the inner turmoil of emotions that the characters especially that of Koyal goes through. The book is well structured and though the plot of the story leans towards a mainstream hindi movie it still holds its own.


My verdict:

I appreciate the author for the themes which were touched upon. Many of them were difficult themes like domestic violence, lack of self respect and confidence and resurrecting oneself after a very difficult phase. The book really highlighted well how at times due to an inner hurt or hatred towards other often we end up hurting oneself more. It showed how terrifying domestic violence can become and often the way to end this is to realize that this is not what one deserves. The havoc which lack of communication can create and the unprecedented changes that occurs because of this was really brought up well by the author. The only problem I had with the author was that I could not relate very well to any character and truly could not be emphatic towards them. The sub plots of the book were a little predictable leaning towards a mainstream hindi movie. At the end this is a novel which makes for an easy breezy read and helps us to realize the havoc which unrequited love can cause and also how love when realized can resurrect and nourish.

3.5/5 stars

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2km1l7a

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2lKRzsE

I received this book as a review copy from Writersmelon for a honest opinion and review.