Browsing through those enchanted shelves, running one’s fingers through those beautiful spines, the heady fragrance of books wafting in the air well if there is a heaven this could very well be it. A heaven where I can own these beauties and take them home the amazing bookstores.



Oh, my God, the new cover of the book looks so beautiful and will be a great addition to my collection I need to get this. Hey, there is a new novella release of my favorite series well this I need. The blurb sounds really interesting I bet it must be a good story so yes you are coming home with me. Oh, look it’s the book which all bookstagrammers are talking about this I definitely need to buy.  So that makes it a total of 4 books. But slowly the euphoria wanes as the reality of the bank balance dawns on me and then I have a dilemma as to which book to buy. Why life why are you so unfair?

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Does this scenario seem familiar to you? I bet it does because all we bibliophiles have an obsession with hoarding books irrespective of the fact that we have a pile of unread books at home. So for the bibliophile who is struggling with finances or who wants to control splurging on books here are some hacks which have helped me to do controlled splurging.

Buy Online

I know all of you know about this hack but trust me when we visit a bookstore one is tempted to the extent that we end up buying that book, even when we know that it is cheaper online. So whenever you go visit a book store keep your phones charged and the moment you lay your eyes one some books and contemplate on buying it check its price online. Also, there are some great price comparison sites where they show you the price of the book across different online sites. Some of these sites are Buy Hatke and India Book Store



Take a library membership

As sad as it sounds the reality is that you cannot buy all the books in the world and sometimes books are just too expensive. So when you are this damsel in distress libraries are your knight. For the small amount that we pay for membership, libraries are great and are a great return on investment. Also, most librarians understand your taste in books pretty fast and can give you great recommendations. Libraries are also a great place to meet like-minded individuals.



Take membership in book renting services

 Sadly today libraries are fast closing down and at times libraries are situated far from your house so you can take membership in book rental services like Just Books (based out of India). Sure they may not have a collection as wide as libraries and their membership fees may be more than libraries but still, they afford some great perks like the ability to request for books, read as many books as you want to and get home delivery of books.

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Buy Second-Hand Books 

I know some of you must be cringing at this as the sight of spines with creases, torn covers and yellow pages hurt your soul.  Yet trust me nowadays second-hand books does not mean old tattered books often you get second-hand books in as good condition as new books. I am pretty much sure that every town and city has a small bookstore that provides such book. The beauty of such bookstores is that not only the prices are great but you often find rare books here. One personal hack here is when I am traveling to any new place I always research and find out about such bookstores located there and I must say I have discovered treasures in such trips.



Even if you do not have such bookstores in your hometown worry no more as nowadays there are many online websites selling second-hand books. Today even Amazon has a used book section. Some of my personal favorite online websites are Bookchor and Bookthela. I particularly love Bookchor as they have a  good collection with most books in great condition at great prices and they include personalized notes with beautiful bookmarks in every purchase.

Join groups in social media

There are many groups on facebook where you can connect with fellow readers and many of these groups often post some great deals on books and inform you regarding book sales. My personal favorite group is Book Deals for Broke Bibliophiles-India. Also instagram has some accounts like amazonbookdeals where you can know about deals and sales on books.



Participate in contest and giveaways

So they say that there are no free lunches but well not really, with the help of social media you can today connect with fellow readers, writers and publishers. Every day across twitter, facebook, Goodreads and Instagram there is some book related giveaways or contest going on. Participate in them and who knows you may be the owner of that expensive book which has been lying in your wishlist.

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Set a book expense budget

There is no denying the fact that most of us go on a book buying ban that we fail miserably at the end. So instead of going on such ban what has worked for me is setting a strict budget for book expenses every month and tracking it diligently. Truth be told I do exceed my budget at times but still my splurge is on a check. Your budget is like a watch guard that protects you.



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