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May 2017

Why I prefer books over internet or television?

Born in the environs of a house located in the hustle bustle of a small marketplace in a quaint little hill station, I had very few friends in my neighborhood. The talks of the elders were too complicated or rather... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Deceived

"Denial. The only thing that keeps most of us from losing our sanity."- Deceived by Heena Rathore P. Author:  Heena Rathore P. No of pages: 300 Publisher: Citrus Publishers Format: Paperback Language: English Genre: Fiction (Psychological Thriller) About the book:... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Finding Juliet

Author:  Toffee No of pages: 216 Publisher: Srishti Publishers Format: Paperback Language: English Genre: Fiction  About the book: The book follows the story of Arjun a guy who is in search of love but the cupid never seems to be... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Love in the time of Pokemon

Infatuation  "By looking deep into your mascara clad eyes I can imagine a frame worth 5043 Instagram likes"- From the poem Delusions of Modern Love by Anurag (Love in the time of Pokemon Author: Anurag Verma Format: Kindle Language: English Genre:... Continue Reading →

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