“By looking deep into your mascara clad eyes I can imagine a frame worth 5043 Instagram likes”- From the poem Delusions of Modern Love by Anurag (Love in the time of Pokemon

Author: Anurag Verma

Format: Kindle

Language: English

Genre: Poetry

About the book:

The book is a collection of 23 poems dealing primarily with love in all its form from teenage love to lustful love and a love that deepens with time. Unrequited love forms a major backdrop for most of the poems yet none of the poems are sad monologues. Another major theme for the poems is the busy city life or modern day life where loneliness looms large. Most of the poems have the use of modern colloquial words which makes the poems relatable.

For example in the poem Fungus on the Chicken Curry the author in a very subtle way hints as to how the person is also left as forlorn and lonely as the fungus infested chicken curry whom even the cockroach evades from.  The essence of unrequited love is beautifully portrayed in the poem Death By Chocolate where a chocolate truffle reminds the protagonist of his lost love and gnaws his soul so he wonders who kept the name of chocolate truffle Death by Chocolate after all.


This is not one of those poetry collections where the verses rhyme and there is a lot of soul searching to be done. The poems are quite simple with the use of modern day words and lingo and the symbolism is entwined in this. Like in the poem Sunshine and Wickedness a girl who has not found acceptance in life suddenly is enlightened with wisdom yet this does not take a serious note rather the author says that this girl discovered a truth that is worth to become a facebook status. Thus, it depicts modern day life as it is today where the likes, follows and status update are such a core part of life and often one lays all efforts for this.

The use of this common modern-day lingo does an excellent job of driving home the point and makes the poetry so relatable. Like in the poem Delusions of Modern love the author describes breakup as being a pixelated image which is now unavailable for download which while it brings a smile on one’s face is still something which helps to understand that feeling.

Some of the symbolism that the author has drawn is commendable like in the poem Low Budget Romance the poet draws how modern day romance is equated to the ability of a lover to manifest material exuberance for his/her lover. Another amazing example of symbolism is the poem Big City Loneliness where we have these lines

“Inside the scary faces of chicken caged inside the moving van,

Inside the happy faces of corporate employees moving inside the moving van” 

 Also, the title selection for all the poems is commendable because although it is simple it arrests your interests and does full justice to the overlaying theme of the poem.

My Verdict:

This is a delightful collection of poems which are raw at heart and still in its simplicity drives the point. The poems as a whole do an excellent job to depict modern day life with its iota of loneliness, unrequited love and the futility of running after material possession and forgetting to live life in this humdrum. My favorite poem was Big City Loneliness where loneliness is excellently depicted as a termite. Also, multi-story apartment and love in the time of Pokemon were my favorite poems in this collection.

I received a review copy from the author for an honest opinion and review.

4/5 stars