Author:  Toffee

No of pages: 216

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Genre: Fiction 

About the book:

The book follows the story of Arjun a guy who is in search of love but the cupid never seems to be on his side. He falls in love thrice yet each time each love of his remains unrequited. His unsuccessful attempts of finding that one true love troubles his soul and he has only one childhood friend Anjali whom he confides his deepest fears and emotions. Yet he never gives Anjali any importance in his life though she is his only confidant. A major tragedy strikes Arjun life post which he shifts to Bangalore from Hyderabad and here he meets Krish a guy who is very popular with women. Krish helps Arjun in his misadventures with love matters but though Arjun life has changed does he really realize true love?


The writing is simple with the story development and structuring done well. The major flaw with the book is in terms of character development where the author wanted to show that all characters have shades of gray in them but the picture he draws is such that the most characters emerge as ruthless and selfish. Though the author attempts to arouse sympathy for most of the characters sadly he is unable to do so. Further, the character of Anjali is a stereotypical Bollywood character of a girl who is always forgiving and has no substance. The plot of the story is very predictable and the story comes to an abrupt ending. It is a repetition of done and told story of a guy who wanders for some time but then ends up with the good girl.

My Verdict:

I did not enjoy reading this book as I found a lot of problematic issues in it. Though this is a book from the perspective of a male character who is trying to understand women there was too much objectification of women which I do not appreciate. There was a lot of over exaggeration of certain aspects, for example, they kept on harping that women are emotionally driven which after a point made it look like women have no rationality. I understand that this is a male character driven book but the objectification was unwanted. Also, the main character suffers a huge loss in his life but he is not so sad about that as he is about his heartbreak which seemed quite bizarre to me. I understand that at times guys describe their sexual encounters as victories but here this thing was stretched too far which made it cringe-worthy.

I received this book from WritersMelon for an honest opinion and review.

2/5 stars