Born in the environs of a house located in the hustle bustle of a small marketplace in a quaint little hill station, I had very few friends in my neighborhood. The talks of the elders were too complicated or rather boring for the little me to comprehend thus this resulted in me living in the world of books more than anywhere else. So whether it was R.L.Stine Goosebumps or Enid Blyton’s famous five or Nancy Drew I delved into them for hours and this was my solace.

Since then reading has always been an important part of my life. With the influx of media today and with many ways to keep yourself entertained we see that sadly reading has suffered the most. As people face dearth of time due to their busy lives the ability to read a book often seems like a luxury. I personally read about 52 books every year and many times I get this question from people like what do you do, are you taking a break from work? As much as I would have loved to but sadly I am doing a full-time job.

While I do spend time online on Instagram (uploading pictures of books 😉 ), writing blogs and watching videos on youtube in my spare time what I do the most is read. Reading I feel is the best form of entertainment as it offers you a frame where you can be the painter or director and weave the story. Firstly when you read though the author has crafted the tale you are not just a mere spectator. As a reader, you have a freedom to imagine as to what will happen next, you can connect each story to a different dimension and comprehend it in your own way.  Today all marketers across media talk about the need to increase the involvement of people in a product or service to sustain in the market. Well, books have been doing this from a long time back.



While watching a movie or a drama mostly they are streamlined from the perspective of the lead protagonist. Thus, our minds are molded accordingly and the majority of the times we feel anger against the anti-hero and empathize with the lead.  Books give you the perspective to think from both ends and often the anti-hero is as relatable as the lead.  Take for example Harry Potter for people who have just watched the movie, the majority of them did not like Professor Snape till the truth is revealed but as a reader, I never really hated Professor Snape. This was because I had read the books and developed a connection with this character.

book doorway


As you watch something on celluloid the frames move quickly so you have no time to introspect. Well, a book gives you the ability to do just that. You can understand the thought process of the character perhaps have your inputs on it. You can discuss it with a fellow reader who may have a completely different take on it. This introspection allows you to judge a situation or character better. It develops in you a sense of acceptance of the larger spectrum.



At the end, you read one good book and it stays with you for a lifetime often helping you in the worst of times. Some movies also have had a powerful impact in my life but it is nowhere close to what books have done. So I urge you all today to go put your data off, let your phone rest for a while and go pick up that book and go on a roller coaster ride like no other.



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