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July 2017

An Ode to J.K.Rowling

I love books, I always did. It was not just reading books that I loved but I enjoyed studying too. I was a complete book nerd and though my parents were proud of the fact that I was good in... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Fever Dream

"Ambiguous, strange, mysterious and engaging to the core" Author:  Samanta Schweblin Translated by: Megan McDowell No of pages: 160 Publisher: Oneworld Publications Format: Paperback Language: English Genre: Fiction  About the book: Amanda is hospitalized in a rural hospital somewhere in... Continue Reading →

One More Page: Crossword reading challenge

Crossword LTD is a chain of bookstores based out India. Crossword has a reading challenge beginning every year and this year I planned to take this challenge. There are two challenges the beginner challenge and the pro reader challenge. The... Continue Reading →

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