I love books, I always did. It was not just reading books that I loved but I enjoyed studying too. I was a complete book nerd and though my parents were proud of the fact that I was good in my studies, topping a lot of exams and being prepared before hand for all exams and projects sadly I felt ashamed to accept that I am a nerd.  Blame it on the numerous movies and television shows some of which still project being a nerd to being uncool and a ridicule of fun. I did not want to be this nerd who was made fun of by all. To top it I used to wear glasses, was on the lower end of the scale in terms of looks, did not play any sports which made me a clear cut candidate for ridicule. So my love for books and studies was masked up inside me. Also, there was a sense of sadness and anger that pervaded me and many times I questioned myself why am I like this?  I love to study and read, clearly activities that are on the negative scale of being cool.

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It was then a phenomenon in the form of Harry Potter and the philosophers stone by J.K Rowling hit the book shelves. Suddenly everyone was talking about it and reading books. Reading books suddenly became an activity which all were interested about and proud to proclaim. My dipping confidence suddenly seemed to be resurrected.


Baring this aside Harry Potter was in a true sense a magic in my life. J.K. Rowling words for me was like a magic wand who gave me my Patronus in the form of Hermione Granger. From the time Hermione’s character is introduced I found a deep sense of connection with her. Suddenly I found someone who loved books and studies and was brave to show her true face irrespective of the fact where people chide or make fun of her. It was from Hermione and how her character molded over the period from which I derived confidence. I was now proud to accept that yes I prefer books over parties, I am more book smart than street smart and that being a nerd is ok.


Snape taught me the strength of sacrifice and love which even if unrequited is eternal. He taught me that at times you may love someone but then if that person does not manifest the same, the love still remains and one can use this beautiful feeling in a positive way instead of being a jilted lover.

At the end, it was the friendship of Harry, Ron, and Hermione that made me understand the beauty of friendship. I understood that instead of having a huge group of friends it is more important to have that one or two friend whom you can rely on. It was because of Harry Potter series that I started to value friendships more and till today I am proud to have just a handful of friends from school but whose friendship I cherish and cheer.


At the end, Harry Potter taught me that all humans have some shades of gray and pitfalls yet there is an innate goodness in all of us. We need to recognize this and work towards strengthening it while accepting the flaws.


When I suffered from anxiety attacks and depression it was the Harry Potter books that like a phoenix resurrected me from the deep dungeons of despair. No one can understand what Harry Potter and the world of Hogwarts has done for me. Nor do I have the power of words that J.K Rowling has. But I am forever indebted to J.K. Rowling and today I would love to wish the best author in the world A very Happy Birthday and thank her for all that she has done for me.


Potterhead forever.


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