Hi bibliophiles, I am Sudeepta and welcome to my blog “Books Tea and More”.

Born in the picturesque and quaint little hill station of Darjeeling I often tucked myself inside the blanket, lost in the world of secret seven and famous five. Having no siblings or cousins of my age in my growing years resulted in books becoming my friends. Books were my happy place they were my companions with whom I went on many a voyages and adventures. I remember the very first novel that was gifted to me was a Nancy Drew series by my mother and I treasure it till date. As time passed a book explosion happened in the form of Harry Potter and thus my fate was sealed as a bibliophile.

As those growing years came by, life become tough as the pages of the academic books increased. This resulted in less reading time for me. My house had this huge collection of novels passed down by my grandfather and often as the waft of those old pages twirled in the air my heart pained while I angrily eyed Newton’s law of motion. As time passed I become a halfhearted reader due to the combined forces of engineering college and the influx of social media. During this time, I did read books (not as much as I would like to) some of which I loved and some I despised.

While I was doing my MBA in marketing I got an opportunity to read a lot of books outside academics which were suggested by my professors. This was what I loved about MBA the most. It introduced me to the world of non-fiction. Contrary to my earlier beliefs that nonfiction was not my cup of tea I actually enjoyed them. During this time, I discovered booktube in Youtube here I connected with fellow readers and through them got to know about some excellent books which are now my favorites. It was then that I realized the importance of a community for readers.  Accept it most of us readers are at times recluse from whom paradise is a cup of tea, a great book, a cozy room with the sound effect of rain outside. I know all of us have faced a scenario where we regret reading a book or two perhaps.

Today we all face a dearth with regard to time and in those previous hours that we read, we should read something which we enjoy at the end of the day. Sadly, there are innumerable number of books out there some of which we may never read. So in this huge ocean of books to select the next read from the TBR pile, well ever reader out there knows the struggle is real. Further today I read across genres and enjoy them. Today hardly there is a book which I lament reading other than some sequels. So to inspire fellow readers to make the most of your reading time, I will share some tips,  reviews of books which I read and also share some thoughts which I hope a fellow bibliophile will connect to.

I hope you find my reviews and suggestions helpful.  So let us take this reading journey together. Happy reading.

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