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Book Review: Love in the time of Pokemon

Infatuation  "By looking deep into your mascara clad eyes I can imagine a frame worth 5043 Instagram likes"- From the poem Delusions of Modern Love by Anurag (Love in the time of Pokemon Author: Anurag Verma Format: Kindle Language: English Genre:... Continue Reading →

Bibliophile on Budget

Browsing through those enchanted shelves, running one's fingers through those beautiful spines, the heady fragrance of books wafting in the air well if there is a heaven this could very well be it. A heaven where I can own these... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Manish Dubey author of “A Murder in Gurgaon”

Being a newbie book reviewer it was a happy moment for me when I was asked by Manish to review his debut novel A Murder in Gurgaon. Boy oh Boy I was thoroughly in for a ride as this book... Continue Reading →

Book Review: One last time

"Memories whether good or bad can sometimes be as deep rooted as the ripple marks that are created when a high-speed current lashes upon a sandstone with utmost force. Memories can also be like an image in a foggy mirror you... Continue Reading →

Book Review: These Hills called Home-Stories from a war zone

"I hear the land cry Over and Over again Let all the dead awaken  And teach the living  How not to die"-Temsula Ao Author:  Temsula Ao No of pages: 147 Publisher: Penguin India Format: Paperback Language: English Genre: Fiction  About the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The 365 days

Author:  Nikhil Ramteke No of pages: 178 Publisher: Write India Publishers  Format: Paperback Language: English Genre: Fiction  About the book: As the tides rise and fall life moves at a monotonous pace for Shijukutty in a small coastal village.  He... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The house that spoke

"Somehow, she seemed abruptly blown away by myriad trains of thought, which had all the left the station at once and had a terrible collision on the tracks. Suddenly she appeared as a king lost for orders, a mask lost for... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Zoon

Lol of the lonely pine The one who dazzles-have you seen that one? Upon him look! A sleepless stream in search of him I run, A restless brook. In far off woods, a lonely pine I stood Till he appeared,... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Tipping Point:How little things can make a big differance

"Look at the world around you.It may seem like an immovable, implacable place.It is not. With the slightest push-in just the right place -it can be tipped"-Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point) Author:  Malcolm Gladwell No of pages: 280 Publisher: Little Brown... Continue Reading →

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